Consultancy & Market Research

Examine the current messaging around your offering and where we can do more, moving beyond just the technology and towards what it can mean for your clients and their business.

Finding strategic/business value propositions and educating clients on how your solution fits as part of their big picture. Explore how resource can be freed by the solution, positioning the offering in a way to raise the buyer's internal standing, adding that personal feel-good factor, etc. Sell possibilities far beyond the product's intended purpose.

Blog series / content

Creation of blog content and messaging to impress insights and advantages of your offering from the viewpoint of a strategic senior practitioner, presenting value propositions not previously thought off (more strategically effective security, but additional direct and indirect business benefits as well).

All while giving you new approaches and value propositions to use as part of your sales process, and expanding your audience from technical decision-makers to executive stakeholders.

Public speaking

Bespoke highly entertaining and thought-provoking presentations about your offering, presenting broad benefits likely not previously thought of by your clients or marketers. Replace "techie" yawn with business- and people-focused wow.

Dinner Events

More intimate dinner events ideal for key clients and accounts. In depth discussion, story telling, and relationship building with the goal of making your solution highly relevant to their specific needs and how it can create further possibilities.

Books & written materials

Whether it's a rebranded copy of my book, Rethinking InfoSec, with bespoke content highlighting how your offering forms an important part of a strategic approach, or a whole new publication to prime your audience for a sale by explaining your value proposition and what it means to them, these make greatly appreciated conference giveaways and lead generators.

What could be better than having your logo on a prospective customer's bookshelf, and your salespeople calling them after they've just read all about the benefits to them of a solution like yours?


“Engaging, inspirational, insightful.”

“The delegate response from your talk has been excellent, you are a really engaging presenter and people found the advice you gave really constructive and pragmatic.”

“Please do send my thanks over to Greg! His part in the event was amazing and definitely provided the wow factor!”

“Your presentation was extremely well received.”

“The best reviews we’ve seen.”, “Incredibly good.”

“Really positive, useful, completely different twist. Much needed at InfoSec events.”

“Epic talk.”, “World class.”

“Ranked the highest of all of our presenters.”

“It goes without saying that you were the star of yesterday’s conference.”

“I've lost count of the amount of times I've recounted things Greg said to my customers and left them in awe.”

"There is tremendous opportunity for vendors to differentiate themselves and generate sales by repositioning how we look at cybersecurity tools and services, making themselves part of a much more significant and business-relevant whole that can reverse the tide."