About Greg

Greg has a diverse 25-year background in Information Security, with a range of engaging stories and insightful perspectives from his career: A former teenage hacker that achieved notoriety by breaking into a nuclear weapons facility, an undercover FBI & DoD operative, a cutting edge technical consultant, a business-minded CISO building Information security programs for startups and Fortune 500's alike, an author, and an international speaker.

Known for holistic and business-focused approaches that many on the technical side of Information Security would call radical, he hopes to drive change in the industry from a different direction: Helping vendors better relate to, connect with, and educate their audience with fresh narratives and powerful new value propositions that benefit both vendors and customers alike.

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“Engaging, inspirational, insightful.”

“The delegate response from your talk has been excellent, you are a really engaging presenter and people found the advice you gave really constructive and pragmatic.”

“Please do send my thanks over to Greg! His part in the event was amazing and definitely provided the wow factor!”

“Your presentation was extremely well received.”

“The best reviews we’ve seen.”, “Incredibly good.”

“Really positive, useful, completely different twist. Much needed at InfoSec events.”

“Epic talk.”, “World class.”

“Ranked the highest of all of our presenters.”

“It goes without saying that you were the star of yesterday’s conference.”

“I've lost count of the amount of times I've recounted things Greg said to my customers and left them in awe.”