Greg van der Gaast

Selling Cyber Better

Helping select vendors not just sell cyber, but make it better.

The state of cyber is dire; spend and breaches are out of control, and throwing people and tools at the problem isn't changing the trend.

But vendors can play an important role in rectifying this situation by positioning themselves as sources of trusted strategic advice that works, providing real business value to their customers rather than just being perceived as technology "sellers".

Vendors that do this differentiate themselves from their competitors, earning customer loyalty, extending their audience to the executive, and becoming recognised and appreciated forces for the betterment of the field...

...all while increasing their own sales through new narratives and value propositions.

I help you achieve this, get in touch to find out how.


“Engaging, inspirational, insightful.”

“The delegate response from your talk has been excellent, you are a really engaging presenter and people found the advice you gave really constructive and pragmatic.”

“Please do send my thanks over to Greg! His part in the event was amazing and definitely provided the wow factor!”

“Your presentation was extremely well received.”

“The best reviews we’ve seen.”, “Incredibly good.”

“Really positive, useful, completely different twist. Much needed at InfoSec events.”

“Epic talk.”, “World class.”

“Ranked the highest of all of our presenters.”

“It goes without saying that you were the star of yesterday’s conference.”

“I've lost count of the amount of times I've recounted things Greg said to my customers and left them in awe.”

"There is tremendous opportunity for vendors to differentiate themselves and generate sales by repositioning how we look at cybersecurity tools and services, making themselves part of a much more significant and business-relevant whole."